-Sample prices as follow-


on Board or Canvas
24" x 18" head and shoulders $2500  (additional subjects - $1200 each)
3/4 body with hands - $3250 (additional subjects - $1600)
36" x 24" head and shoulder - oil $5100 (additional subjects $2500)
3/4 body with hands - $6600 (additional subjects $3300)


on Paper or Board 
24"x18" head and shoulders- $2100 (additional subjects - $1050)
3/4 body with hands - $2800 (additional subjects - $1600)
36"x24" head and shoulder - oil $4300 (additional subjects $2100)
3/4 body with hands - $5600 (additional subjects $2800)


Charcoal or Pen and Ink
starting at 14" x 11" $600 or roughly $4 per square inch plus 50% more per extra subject.


Copper, Silver or Gold 
 on Gessoed paper or board
starting at 8" x 6" pricing by materials (i.e. gold - $6 per square inch, silver - $4 per square inch and copper $3 per square inch etc.)

These prices are for general ideas.  Additional aspects, besides the subjects, range from 25 - 100% more.  Delivery depends on drying time.  Payment in full must be received before delivery of completed piece.

Please call or drop me a line.  

I would be happy to discuss your project anytime.

     In these busy times, the luxury of posing for a formal portrait from life is often inappropriate if not impossible. My paintings are usually done from photo reference which I prefer to take myself. Many of my pieces are memorials and if we decide to work from photos, no copyrighted or professional portraits will be used as reference. If we need to combine and piece reference together, it will be done digitally to approximate the finished piece.

     When we meet for your sitting, I prefer having the option of two days - for weather and to be sure we have photos which suit both of our needs for the project. An initial chat and getting to know each other precedes the sitting; two to four hours and unlimited snapshots with some arranging and setting a variety of poses are typical of a first meeting.

     The size and character of the painting will be discussed and the digital work up will conform to the price and size expectations we discuss. Scheduling and time needed for completion will be discussed.  A rule of thumb is plan for three months.  It will vary by difficulty and my schedule. Difficulty of pose, additional subjects and objects all influence the final price.

     I do not charge initially for the photo session or digital work up. All travel and food and lodging are pre-paid by the client and separate from the price estimate. Upon approval of the digital sketch, 1/3 of the proposed price will be required before additional work is done. This is not refundable and covers the cost of materials and all labor to produce the painting. At any point the client may stop the process but this will not be refunded, nor will the painting be delivered until all approved and contracted costs are paid in full.

     Shipping and packaging are charged additionally. Paintings are priced unframed.

     Animal portraits are at the same rate as people.

     Watercolor and pastel portraits are priced the same. Because they must be framed and put under glass by the client, the additional cost of framing is considered. Oils are all presented with wrapped edges allowing the piece to hang unframed or framed at the client's leisure. I am willing to suggest and assist in framing, but it is not included in my fees.

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How to Commission a Portrait