Women Making Faces

Portraits of notable arizona women by Debra Jones

          Fine Art portraits are scarce in the West.  Arizona is a state whose vitality came with Air Conditioning.  We have an artistic culture but it is a little split.  Much of our most  successful and creative talent travels into the state expecting the traditions of the state they left, or find no market here, they migrate to the coasts and desert us.  But make no mistake:  the talent is here!

          This show was about women artists who keep the tradition of portraiture going from their studios in Arizona.  Many are quiet and under the radar, many are overflowing with talent and needing exposure.  Not just a showcase to not just promote these women, but make Arizonans aware that we can get high quality portraiture right here at home.

          And to educate the public that all portraits are not photographs. 

           This loose affiliation of women were inspired by the "Women Painting Women" movement of juried figurative shows popping up all over the world.  

           The women above are my contributions to the show.